Hosting friends and family at your home, bringingout your favourite drinks and celebrating the Christmas season is the perfectexcuse to enjoy each others company and indulge in delicious food until yourbellies are full. Bringing out the cheeseboard for friends and family is oftenone of the highlights of the Christmas season. While the cheeseboard is aChristmas favourite, for vegans it may be a little harder to join in and enjoythe perfect combination of the cheesy, sweet and salty flavours, so if you area vegan yourself or you have vegan guests coming over, why not try puttingtogether the perfect vegan cheese board suitable for all, and show non vegansjust how tasty vegan cheese alternatives can be?

STEP 1: Find a board to set up your cheese board

Is it going to be wooden, marble or something else? What size will you need and will it be square, rectangular or circular? Work out how many people you will be serving and how much food you need to have on hand, and that will help you in finding the perfect board.

STEP 2: The most important part of the cheeseboard – the cheese!

You will want a good mix of different cheeses that work well and complement each other. We have rounded up our favourites that could work well as an alternative to the traditional cheeses you find on a cheeseboard.

Baked Camembert is a classic, but this Mouse’s Favourite Camembert Cheese will have you wondering if it is the real thing or not. Made from cultured cashews and almonds, it would make the perfect pairing with fresh crusty bread, and as an added bonus the packaging is compostable.

Stilton Cheese is a popular addition to the Christmas cheeseboard, and the one that everyone reaches for. It’s the not the most easiest cheese to veganise but Bute Island Foods have created a Blue French Style Wedge, which has a similar look and feel to Stilton and will look great out on your cheeseboard. If you have the time and patience, there is the option to make your own blue cheese, this amazing recipe for Vegan BlueCheese is almost uncanny, and features cultures which create a similar mold to Stilton. It may take time but it will definitely get your guests talking.

If you are looking for a hard or cheddar cheese alternative to add to your cheeseboard, look no further than this Cashew Truffle cheese by Tyne Chease, which has been cultured and aged with white truffle oil for a rich flavour, which will bring a luxurious feel to your cheeseboard. This is a great cheese to have with crackers or crusty bread.

Adding a fruity combination to the party, this Cranberry Vegan Cheese is the perfect mix of sweet and tangy. Rolled in cranberry dust, this will most definitely be the showstopper on your cheeseboard.

This Smoked Cheeze Ball, handmade by The Naturally Vegan Food Company, will certainly wow your friends and family. With a Smokey flavour from Paprika, and made with organic ingredients, it is perfect to enjoy on cheese biscuits or crackers. It is also available without the smoked flavour.

Last, but not least, if you are looking to add a creamed / soft cheese alternative, try this Creamy Cashew Vegan Cheese Spread, with a hint of garlic. This spreadable cheese is great to spread on crusty bread or crackers, and if you have any leftovers,you can use it as a base for a creamy, cheesy sauce.

STEP 3: Find the perfect pairings

Add food pairings like crackers, cheese biscuits (vegan of course!), breadsticks or crusty bread for your guests to enjoy with different cheeses.

STEP 4: Think fruits, tapenades or jams

The next step is to add extras around the board such as fruits, tapenades, olives and jams. Grapes are a classic to have on hand as they cleanse the palette after each serving of cheese, allowing you to really taste the individual flavours. Chili jam or olive tapenades are also a favourite pairing, or go seasonal with leftover cranberry sauce.

STEP 5: Add nuts

Candied walnuts are the perfect addition to Stilton style cheese or alternatively any other nuts you have on hand, to add a bit of saltiness to the board, would work well.

Last but not least try adding sprigs of rosemary or other herbs to enjoy with the selection of cheeses, olives for people to snack on and of course any special cheese utensils you may have to slice the cheeses.And just like that you have created the perfect cheeseboard that all your guests can enjoy, whether vegan or not, and it’s cruelty free! Let us know how you will be enjoying a cheeseboard thisChristmas, share your favourite vegan cheese brands or any photos you take over the holidays on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #BeeGreenChristmas

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