When it comes to keeping our world cleaner and greener – every little helps, and here at Bee Green were tackling environmental damage head on. Year on year pollution, waste and green house gasses increase, causing irreversible damage to our environment. Now in 2017, its more important than ever to make a change and to start looking after the world we live in. By following our 9 simple steps, and making small changes in your home, you’ll be surprised at the real difference you can make. Not just to the environment, but to your bank balance too!


Switch off standby

Switching off your electrical appliances may sound obvious, but ensuring you switch off the mains and not just onto standby, can make a real difference. This quick and simple trick has been proven to save up to £30 a year! Sounds like easy money to us. Just make sure you remember your not so obvious appliances, i.e. microwave, alarm clock and air fresher plug in!


Keep bathing to a luxury

There’s nothing better than a relaxing, candle lit bath after a long day at work, but heating up a tub full of water can be very energy consuming. Showering for a sensible length of time is much more efficient and you’ll find you’ll tend to use less water too. Try to keep baths to a luxury by making them a special occasion. Use your favourite bubble bath and light some candles, push the boat out!


Switch to LED’s

Ditch your regular light bulbs for some fancy LED energy saving spotlights that will outshine your regular bulbs! Created so they are bright enough to replace your regular and energy saving bulbs, buying LEDs for your home is a no brainer, even coming in a variety of shapes and sizes too.


Don’t over boil

When you’re in desperate need of a caffeine fix, make a conscious effect to only boil enough water for what you’re drinking. It may sound simple, but over boiling water can have a real effect on your energy consumption levels. Why boil enough water for 4 cups of tea or coffee if you’re only having one? Boiling an over-filled kettle for just one week can generate enough energy to power a TV for a whole day! Remembering this little trick can save you a lot in energy consumption and in money.


Invest in winter essentials

Try to invest in a thick duvet for winter this year, and it will really help to keep you warm and snug on those dark cold nights. This way you will be able to leave your heating on a lower temperature, whilst you keep warm, wrapped up and cosy. If however buying a new duvet sounds a little pricey, you can buy a luxurious wooly blanket or throw to place over your duvet at night, really helping to lock in heat and enhancing the look of your bedroom!


Fill up your freezer

You might not be aware of this tip, but filling your freezer to the absolute max can really help save energy and money. When opening and closing your freezer, warm air travels into empty spaces and therefore makes the freezer work harder, generating more energy to cool these spaces down again. If you fill up these empty spaces with food, it reduces the amount of warm air travelling into your freezer, making it a lot more energy efficient and cheaper to run!


Insulate your loft

If you haven’t already insulated your loft, apply for loft insulation as soon as possible! Its been proven that nearly 25% of your household heat could be escaping from your loft, and by doing something about it you could save around 19% on your fuel bills. Applying for loft insulation is also free if you’re eligible, so do your research now and you could savage a small fortune!


Let the sunshine in

On those rare occasions where we see some winter sun, make sure you open your curtains and let it into your home! By doing this you can let warmth travel into your house without having to touch your heating system. Make sure however you close them again when the sun goes down, as this helps to lock in the heat.


Invest in heavy curtains

Sticking with curtains, try and invest in a pair of thick, heavy curtains for the winter, as this could make a real difference to the temperate of your home. Investing in a heavy pair of curtains will stop heat escaping out of your windows and also stop cold air from escaping into your home.


All in all, by following our simple tips you can really help to make our world a more cleaner, sustainable and greener place. We promise, you will thank yourselves in future!



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