How Sustainable Will The Fashion Levy Be In The Long-Term?


The UK Fashion Industry is worth approximately £32bn to the UK economy, and is currently the second highest polluting industry, after oil, meaning that considerable changes need to occur in order to create change within the fashion world. Do you think the fashion levy will be effective?

Digital ID Revolutionises the Future of Eco Photo ID Cards


Learn more about Digital ID’s eco photo ID card system to help reduce your business’ carbon footprint, reduce the amount of non-biodegradable plastic being used and be recognised as an eco-friendly brand.

8 Benefits Of Rose Essential Oil For Beauty and Wellbeing


Full of amazing benefits for your health, skin and beauty routine, rose is a popular essential oil that can be easily found in health stores or online. So how can rose essential oil help you? Here are 8 benefits of rose essential oil for beauty and wellbeing.