We Are Tea are an independent, ethical, award-winning tea company based in London. Although small in size, they have big ambitions to make the world of specialty tea more accessible and ultimately celebrate the British love affair with tea.


Ethics are very much at the core of their business being members of the Ethical Tea Partnership. They work with smaller tea estates focusing on social and environmental sustainability, such as being one of the few tea brands with fully biodegradable tea bags. They’ve even also very recently released a new eco takeaway cup, which is 100% compostable and biodegradable (lid and all!).


The team at We Are Tea claim “along with our mission to bring a quality cuppa to people across the globe, we’re continually hunting for ways to minimise our impact on the environment and do some good in our bid to drive guilt-free sipping.” Unfortunately, only 1% of the 2.5 BILLION takeaway cups thrown away in the UK every year are recycled. Seven million of us Brits throw our takeaway cups away every day; sadly even though most are made out of paper they have a waterproof plastic lining making them impossible to recycle. The impact of the world filling up with plastic is growing and hard to ignore, with visible pollution of our land and oceans.


Their fantastic ethical ethos has lead them on to win 55 Great Taste Awards (the most versus any other tea brand) as well as recently winning the Best Tea at the Quality Food Awards.


We of course had to try out the teas for ourselves! Here’s what we thought:


Sencha Green Tea (Tea bags)         

This green leaf tea claims to be “reviving and inspiring” from the first sip – and it did not disappoint! It was instantly refreshing and had a light, fresh taste, which was smooth on the palette. It definitely perked me up when I was in much need of an extra energy boost. These pick-me-up Sencha tea bags are filled with super antioxidants and cleansing powers which have fantastic health benefits, such as cutting the risk of cancer, improving your brain function and lowering the risk of chronic diseases. We highly recommend the Sencha Green Tea if you’re looking to indulge in some guilt-free sipping. For the best taste results, make sure to allow the bag to infuse the cup for at least 1 to 2 minutes. – Hannah


Peppermint Leaf Tea (Tea bags)

Peppermint tea – the ideal go-to tea for times when you need a pick me up, to calm your nerves or if you’re looking to aid digestion after an indulgent meal. Unlike the peppermint teas I’ve tried from various big name brands, this minty tea has been the strongest and most refreshing of the lot. The aroma just gets to your senses the moment you let that hot water touch the tea bag, and from then on, the longer you let it brew, the more aromatic and flavoursome it gets. I have to say, this tea is not just great for settling your tummy, but the aroma most surely gives you that refreshing pick me up on those low-energy days, whether at work or at home. – Juliana


We Are Tea has been well received amongst the chef community, health clubs and cafes with their range being stocked across Virgin Actives, Yotam Ottolenghi’s restaurants and Mere by Monica Galetti. They’re also available for you to enjoy at home via their website, or Ocado, Holland and Barratt and Morrisons.



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