Cataclean, a popular fuel system cleaner was first launched in 1997, and bottles of the product have subsequently sold in their millions.

Cataclean fuel and exhaust cleaner claims to clean engines, thus helping to reduce emissions, which is great for those who are environmentally conscious but are not ready to invest in an electric or hybrid car, and improving the overall performance of your car. It also claims that in using this product, you will not need to pay for premium fuel, and so has the added benefit of saving money. The cleaner is suitable for cars, vans and motorcycles and is recommended for use every three months.

The content of a bottle is poured directly into your vehicle’s fuel tank, after which, it’s recommended that you then drive your vehicle for a minimum of 15 minutes. The product cleans by dissolving the deposits that accumulate over time within fuel systems and catalytic converters. This, it’s claimed, results in an increase in engine efficiency, and a reduction in both emissions and fuel consumption.

The Bee Green team recently tested the fuel system cleaner on both Petrol and Diesel vehicles and here’s our review:

Cataclean Petrol

We tested this product a few weeks ago on a 1994 MK2 Volkswagen Polo, which was purchased a few months ago and driven daily. After adding the Cataclean to the tank we started up and headed off for the recommended 15 minute drive. We didn’t notice any immediate difference, but when we drove the car for a second time later that same day the drive was noticeably smoother, and the accelerator more responsive.

In spite of this uplift in drivability however, the Cataclean has had no discernable effect on the car’s fuel consumption, which remains at its status quo. We can’t pass comment on emissions, as the car’s next MOT isn’t due until early next year. So while this product has provided some benefit to the car’s performance, any effect it’s had on fuel consumption has been negligible.

We think it’s fair to mention, however, that the car hasn’t displayed any symptoms of a clogged fuel system over the course of the short period of time that it’s been owned. Those with vehicles that are giving signals that their fuel systems are in need of a clean may find that this product produces more significant effects.

Cataclean Diesel

We tested the Diesel Cataclean on a Citroen Berlingo 1.6 HDi van and found it easy to use, as there were clear instructions. As instructed, We added it to a quarter tank of fuel for maximum effectiveness so that we could test the product out fairly.

For the first day or two, we didn’t notice much difference, but by day 3, we found that the engine sounded smoother and less clunky when starting up and driving the van. We usually fill the van up at the end of each week and after a week of using the Cataclean, we were able to go 2 extra days without having to fill up. Our driving routes and time spent in the van were the same as usual, so that couldn’t be attributed to using less.

We haven’t yet had an emissions test since using Cataclean, so we can’t comment on how much the emissions have been affected. Overall, we have found the diesel Cataclean very easy to use and we look forward to seeing how it affects the van in the long term.

If you do decide to give Cataclean a try, feel free to share your feedback using the hashtag #dontbeleftfuming


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