With Easter holidays fast approaching, it’s usually a challenge to keep the youngsters entertained. Hearing them say those dreaded words ‘I’m bored’ isn’t something you want to hear. Here are our suggestions for Easter activities to keep your young ones busy and happy.



As a child, baking is usually something you look forward to. Simply, it’s a chance to get messy and then eat some sweet treats. There are loads of Easter recipes you could try with your children. A few favourites include Easter themed cupcakes, brownies and chocolate nests.

If you do opt to get your children involved in baking, give them the ‘fun’ tasks like mixing the ingredients or pouring the mixture into the mould, so they won’t get bored again easily.


Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunts are always one of the classic Easter activities that children usually love. Why not make it more interesting by giving them clues to where they can find the eggs. You could even get their friends round and make it into a bigger egg hunt. Take a read of our Spring 2017 issue, which features some Easter Egg Hunt events that are happening around the country.


Decorating eggs

If your children love getting creative, decorating some eggs is yet another classic Easter activity to get stuck in with your kids. You can either buy plastic eggs shells or if you’re feeling brave, use real ones. Using the ‘blowing’ technique – piercing the egg at both ends, sticking a rod into the egg to break up the yolk with a skewer and blowing into one end to empty the contents out of the other – will give you perfectly empty eggs ready for decorating.


Egg race

It’s not really Easter until you’ve had a hard-boiled egg race, is it? It’s another really easy activity to organise that will keep your children entertained and busy. Getting your friends’ and families’ children involved too will work even better.



There are so many Easter themed crafts activities & workshops, which are great ways to get the children, involved and keep them entertained. These creative activities and workshops could range from creating and decorating your own Easter cards and baskets, making flowerpots from eggshells, Easter daffodils, bunnies from eggs etc. The ideas are endless; Pinterest is a great place to start if you are looking for Easter craft ideas.


Easter camps/events

If you want to get out of the house, researching groups and events happening within your local area is a great way for your children to get involved with Easter activities. There may be an Easter camp or event happening at your local park, community centre or library that the youngsters will really enjoy.


We hope we’ve inspired you with our suggestions. Feel free to tweet us with creative ideas of your own, as we’d love to share them with everyone.



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