Living in a consumerist society, we are not always thinking through our purchasing decisions. However, in the past years, the trend of sustainable shopping has becoming more popular. This trend is accompanied by numerous brands who meet high standards of environmental protection. In a new age, the famous saying the customer is always right takes on a new meaning as related to the idea of making more environmentally friendly products.

Eco-friendly shopping is no longer just a green trend. With eco-friendly concept stores popping up, and brands being environmentally responsible when crafting their designs, it’s a popular way for buyers to be both stylish and committed to a good cause. The same goes for cosmetic industry. Cosmetic and personal care companies are making special efforts to create products which meet high standards in terms of being environmentally safe, and at the same time effective on your skin.


How to buy Green?

Making a transition to buying green means rethinking your purchasing decisions. Products with claims Green, Environmentally safe and Eco-friendly can sound convincing, but should you really trust them? It’s always wise to ask yourself what makes this product green and does it have a special seal or certification, or is it just a claim without a valid proof? There are certain ways to avoid falling victim to greenwashing.

Greenwashing is a common practice in beauty industry in which companies mislead their customers into thinking that their product is green. They usually use convincing design, packaging and labelling to make consumers believe that they stick to the sustainable business practices. If you, however, turn the bottle and read the ingredient list, you might discover that the so-called green or organic product is not good for your skin, nor the environment.

When buying cosmetics, one the most important things for ethical consumers is buying cruelty-free products. Leaping Bunny is the gold standard for cruelty-free cosmetics, personal care and household products. It’s been present for 20 years now, granted by a non-profit organisation, and it’s a completely voluntary seal of approval. In order to get a Leaping Bunny certification, a company makes a voluntary pledge to eliminate animal testing from all stages of product development. The same goes for the companies’ ingredient suppliers. As a result, a product is guaranteed to be 100% free of animal testing. In order to keep the certification, companies need to recommit to the program annually and be willing to submit to an independent audit. That’s why Leaping Bunny is the most trusted and consistent cruelty-free certification on the market.


Eco-friendly products

Seals of approval or certifications can be useful when buying more environmentally green products. However, they are meaningless if they’re not backed up by solid standards and provide enough information to understand what they mean. Although there is no universal sustainable or eco-friendly standard, there are plenty of third party organisations all over the world which grant their seal of approval to companies which achieve higher standards of environmental protection within a specific product category. Eco-labels usually follow a cradle-to-grave approach, meaning the whole life-cycle of a product, from raw material extraction, to manufacturing, and disposal. Thus, eco-labels are certifications which help consumers in making a greener choice and reducing their environmental footprint.

To learn more about the well-known eco-labels, their managing organisations, and products they apply to, check out the interactive eco-labels infographic.


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