With autumn in full swing, it won’t be long until we’re into the colder months of winter. If you’re still stocking up on essential winter clothing, here are a few places you could try. Organic and ethical of course!


Green Fibres

Maybe not a brand you’ve heard of before. However Green Fibres, based in Totnes, Devon is an organic clothing, home and skincare company. William and Gabriela Lana started Green Fibres, in the early 90’s and now sell a wide range of organic clothing.


Sweatshirt – Long sleeved tops, jumpers and sweatshirts are an essential winter clothing item for layering up during those chilly days. Give this unisex sweatshirt a try.


Stripy Top – If long sleeved jumpers aren’t enough, try this basic stripy top. It’s perfect for dressing up or down.



Beaumont Organic

Beaumont Organic is a very popular brand for organic clothing. Started by Hannah in 2003, selling only 6 t-shirts, it now produces a massive range of organic clothing and accessories.


Patterned Jumper – Patterned jumpers always make a re-appearance during the colder months. They are definitely an essential winter clothing item as well. This one is a great subtle pick for winter.



Another popular brand amongst the organic clothing enthusiasts is likely to be Braintree. Surprisingly perhaps, Braintree was started in Australia by two old friends and has again has grown into a big seller of organic and eco-friendly clothing.


Fox jumper – If the Beaumont Organic jumper wasn’t pattered enough for you, try this one from Braintree. It’s a bit quirkier but still not too out there. It’s definitely one to consider if you’re thinking about your essential winter clothing collection.


Men’s long-sleeved t-shirt – For all the men out there, looking for organic and conscious clothing, try this long-sleeved t-shirt. It can be made to look smart with trousers or more casual with jeans.



People Tree

Clothing brand, People Tree, is widely known for its focus on sustainable and Fairtrade practices. Having a presence for over 25 years, it aims to be 100% organic.


Dresses – Cold, winter weather doesn’t mean you have to pack away the dresses altogether. People Tree has a great range of cotton dresses, which could be teamed with tights and boots during the colder times. Don’t completely rule out dresses from your essential winter clothing list.


H&M Conscious

One of the few high street stores that sell organic clothing is H&M. Their Conscious range aims to be ‘conscious’ when it comes to material, working standard and price. The whole range is of course one to consider for your essential winter clothing collection.


Coat – This coat from the Conscious range is very stylish, on-trend and reasonably priced. Coats are, without doubt, an essential winter clothing item and this one could be right down the road from you.




If you’re looking for essential winter clothing for your children, try Frugi. There are so many children’s brands out there, but Frugi is a great one to try. Started by parents – Kurt and Lucy – it’s a homegrown business that now sells essentials for new mothers as well.


Jumpers and Cardigans – Frugi’s jumpers and cardigans for kids are ideal for your children’s essential winter clothing wardrobe. They are 100% organic and have been certified by the Soil Association. So you can definitely trust them. They have a range of styles for girls, boys and infants.


There are so many other organic and conscious clothing brands out there that you could try. Wherever you go to shop, make sure you’re prepared for the winter months.


The Organic September issue of Bee Green includes an article all about Organic Cotton and its importance. We love to be inspired too! So do Tweet us your favourite winter clothing essentials as well. 



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