Jessica Turner Designs – Ethical bridal wear, designed & made in the UK. London. Wildly fanciful silk knit designs for brides looking for a romantic style, something unique with a boho touch.

Jessica produces one-off bespoke wedding dresses and sources ethical fabrics and yarns for some of her designs. A mix of cottons, linens and bamboo silks. Jessica also makes a handmade bride bunny that wears a replica of a brides wedding dress using any left over fabrics from their dress.

Kate Cullen Creative Styling – CREATED BY HAND, CURATED BY HEART

I hand dye and eco print silk ribbons and table linens using plant dyes, as well as using the waste to make handmade paper for weddings and events. I also offer a range of organic and fair trade silk products, including organic, peace and bamboo silk items.