The Fizz Company a family business selling small family producer champagnes & sparkling wines. We offer you something different from big name brands. That means fizz from around the world that’s vegan organic, sustainably farmed, low-sugar, low-alcohol and made by women. Browse our store for a bottle that’s perfect for you.

Organic, vegan, BIO, HVE, VDC

We at Bute Island Foods have been producing Dairy-Free cheese for nearly 20 years. In the past few years the varieties we offer have grown substantially, providing our Sheese to large retailers around the UK such as Tesco, ASDA & Sainsbury’s. We also ship our products around the world.

All of our Sheese range is made in our dedicated Vegan factory on the Isle of Bute and our products are completely free from dairy lactose & gluten.

  • The Vegan society accredited
  • BRC accredited
  • Kosher certified

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Demuths Cookery School is based in the heart of beautiful Bath, overlooking Bath Abbey and Parade Gardens. Demuths welcomes all food lovers to the cookery school, and are specialists in plant-based cooking. All the cookery courses are vegetarian and many are vegan, some are raw and gluten-free. Led by Rachel Demuth, all teachers are experienced chefs and the kitchen is spacious and inviting. Come eager to learn. Leave inspired.

Rubies in the Rubble is a sustainable food brand that makes delicious condiments from fresh fruit and veg that would otherwise go to waste. Whether they’re too big, too ripe for supermarket shelves, or just plain pear-shaped, any fresh and tasty produce can be used for Rubies’ delicious creations. As well as our range of traditional relishes and legendary banana ketchup, we now sell two vegan mayos made from aqaufaba (chickpea water) that would otherwise go to waste.

Rubies in the Rubble fight food waste with relish!

Solkiki Chocolatemaker import very fine flavour cacao direct from specialist smallholder estates for much higher than fair trade prices then turn those amazing ingredients into stunning chocolate. Vegan owned, all 35 bars are plant-based, including their Yirgacheffe White Chocolate – which earned the Gold medal for Britain despite being entirely dairy-free! Fair trade doesn’t work for the fine flavour cacao industry (5% of global market): Solkiki guarantee long term improvements in quality of life and cacao.

Use CODE: LoveSolkiki10 for 10% off everything on the store.


Steenbergs is a family run business specialising in organic and Fairtrade spices, loose leaf teas, herbal infusions and baking ingredients including our popular organic rosewater and organic Fairtrade Vanilla Extract. All products are blended, packed and dispatched at our factory in North Yorkshire. Most of our products are in glass, and we protect them with paper packaging using paper tape.

  • Organic
  • Fairtrade


Hello? Is it tea you’re looking for? We Are Tea is an independent & ethical tea company that started life in 2007 as a teashop in St Pauls. Sadly, due to vandalism during the Occupy London movement a couple of years later the teashop was forced to close. All was not lost! The shop allowed them to perfect their blends with paying customers, the best possible focus group. We Are Tea ethically source a variety of blends in loose or plastic free teabags and cover everything from black, oolong and everything in between. Their blends can be found online on their website (, Amazon, Ocado or in store at Morrisons, Booths or Holland & Barrett.

  • Palm oil free
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan friendly soap