Innermost was founded to inspire people to live their best lives through better health and wellbeing. We do that by challenging the status quo, and making products that are smart, effective and understandable. The right nutrition for modern life.

Because each product is created from the ground up, they each contain the right ingredients you need with no additives, colours, fillers or GMO nasties and no mystery ingredients. Furthermore, everything we make is manufactured and independently tested in the UK to ensure what we say is in the product is really all that’s in the product.

UnBEElievable’s BEE Prepared immune support with propolis, elderberry, olive leaf and more, is an ideal wellness formula which combines generous amounts of some of the best natural ingredients used to help support the body’s natural defences. These targeted formulas means fewer supplements in your cabinet, fewer pills to take and less money to spend. Vegetarian friendly, multi-award winning and we even donate a proportion of our profits to bee related charities!

Vegetarian Society Approved, Made in the UK, proportion of profits to bee related charities.