We at Blue Mangu are driven to design, develop and source beautiful products, which provide sustainable alternatives to single use plastics. Making sustainable products the norm rather than the niche.

Products include:
– reusable bamboo Panda Straws as all natural alternatives to plastic straws
– reusable Kuini beeswax food wraps as an eco friendly replacement for cling film and plastic food bags
– reusable bamboo fibre make up wipes, Panda Wipes, as a step towards a zero waste lifestyle

Sustainably sourced products, using all natural ingredients, with an overall aim of reducing waste.

I passionately believe that small changes can have a big impact. Eco Infinity offers eco friendly party supplies to enable you to throw a more sustainable party. Compostable tableware and cutlery, paper party bags and paper recyclable decorations. Good quality party supplies that won’t end up in landfill.

I hope to show people that they can host a brilliant party without using any single use plastics.

Designers and creators of an innovative range of beautiful products, made for wildlife and for you. Green&Blue are the inventors of the award winning Bee Brick and are committed to creating products that make a mass contribution to biodiversity, and that look good too. Business supporters of Cornwall Wildlife trust and Buglife.

Green&Blue use up to 75% waste material from the Cornish China clay industry in their concrete mix making it a more sustainable material. Nature friendly.

Love cleaning, but not keen on synthetic fragrances, detergents and preservatives? Then humblestuff.co.uk have the ideal cleaning products for you.

Co founder, Marie Savage, has been a domestic cleaner since 2005 but wanted to use products that were genuinely free from all harmful ingredients that worked well too. The frustration at not being able to find any suitable products motivated Marie to finding a solution to the problem. After some trial & error, humblestuff was born.

Endorsed by NatureWatch Foundation

The Metta® Bed brand of natural and organic sleep products is the vision of the family who proudly owns and operates Organic Mattresses, Inc. (OMI)® – the leading organic mattress brand in America. We are the team responsible for the first certified organic mattress in the US, which we introduced to forward-thinking, health-concious American consumers in 2008, and our founder Walter Bader wrote the book on safe sleep (two of them actually).

Handmade to order in the USA right alongside luxury OMI mattresses and bedding, at OMI’s California-based Eco-Factory, The Metta Bed mattress continues OMI’s more than 20-year commitment to quality, healthful products by delivering an exceptionally well built, honest mattress made [of course] with only premium natural and certified organic raw materials. We believe you deserve a choice to sleep safe and now with Metta Bed that choice is more affordable and convenient than ever before.

GreenGuard Gold Certifiied, GOTS certified organic cotton and wool. All natural premium latex.


Sacred Earth’s Biochar Soil Booster is made with the eco-friendly charcoal known as ‘biochar’. It’s an easy way to improve soil fertility, enhance plant health, increase crop yields and help the planet – as biochar has been shown to lock carbon into the ground. Handcrafted on Sussex woodlands by community group Sacred Earth, it’s made from the wood offcuts arising from eco-friendly tree management. All profits from sales go towards looking after Sacred Earth’s beautiful 40-acre woodland site.

In search of a better nights sleep Emily tried to buy the perfect duvet. With mind boggling descriptions, claims and options it gave her nightmares rather than a better nights sleep.

Faced with this frustration she launched scooms. We make it easy to get your best nights sleep by offering the perfect duvet, the perfect pillow and the perfect bed linen. Scooms – sleep made beautifully simple!

  • Plastic free packaging.
  • Fully recyclable, plastic free products.
  • Thermal water used for cleaning.

Sleep Organic is a family run business. Creativity and sustainability form the heart of what we do, and who we are.

We create organic and fairtrade cotton bed-linen. It is made with premium quality 300TC organic cotton – designed by local artists in London and made ethically in India. Our designs are original and themed around nature and simplicity. We offer a range of organic cotton bed-linen duvet sets, pillowcases, flat sheets, fitted sheets, single, double, king and super king sizes. We also offer beautifully designed kids cot and cot-bed duvet covers, pillowcases, and flat sheets.

Sleep Organic is Certified Organic by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Our certification number is DK26565. It means we follow high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and our business is in compliance with social criteria.

We are Registered FairtradeUK FLO ID: 37247. Fairtrade certification ensures smallholder farmers in developing countries receive a fair price and decent working conditions, and can thus enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods.

Based in Northern Ireland, The Present Tree specialises in organically nurtured tree gifts for all occasions including birthdays, engagements, weddings, housewarming gifts and more.

Every tree is nurtured with 100% certified organic blends.

Vegan lifestyle brand for shoppers who want certainty that products they buy are cruelty free. Available on Amazon, products and packaging are 100% vegan and registered by The Vegan Society. Our luxury scented vegan soy wax candles in beautiful frosted glass votives display a stylish ‘V’ logo on them. We believe more vegan choices could be made by everyone if the selection process was easy – so our brand name and packaging shout our Vegan credentials – Visibly Vegan!

Natural UK eco-soy wax -renewable, sustainable, biodegradable. Palm wax & GM free. Vegan. Ethical.