About Metta Bed Eco Credentials

About Metta Bed

The Metta® Bed brand of natural and organic sleep products is the vision of the family who proudly owns and operates Organic Mattresses, Inc. (OMI)® – the leading organic mattress brand in America. We are the team responsible for the first certified organic mattress in the US, which we introduced to forward-thinking, health-concious American consumers in 2008, and our founder Walter Bader wrote the book on safe sleep (two of them actually).

Handmade to order in the USA right alongside luxury OMI mattresses and bedding, at OMI’s California-based Eco-Factory, The Metta Bed mattress continues OMI’s more than 20-year commitment to quality, healthful products by delivering an exceptionally well built, honest mattress made [of course] with only premium natural and certified organic raw materials. We believe you deserve a choice to sleep safe and now with Metta Bed that choice is more affordable and convenient than ever before.

Eco Credentials

GreenGuard Gold Certifiied, GOTS certified organic cotton and wool. All natural premium latex.