About Home of Juniper Eco Credentials

About Home of Juniper

Home of Juniper is a home and gift brand with its essence in conscious consumerism. We sell a distinctive collection of products; including jewellery, well-being, stationery and home decor. We are proud to support British makers, and ethical craftsmanship from abroad. By concentrating on the stories and people behind our products, we aim to create a unique and positive buying experience. We do this whilst being as eco-friendly and ethical as we can.

Eco Credentials

We like the stories behind the products. We support local craftspeople, British design, fair trade, ethical producers. All our wellbeing and skincare are natural and made in the UK. Some but not all is Organic. We also have an increasing amount of sustainable items / plastic alternatives. And at least 10% from all of our bee products goes to BBCT bumblebee charity.