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“Lovegrove Essentials” – Testimonial

We were interested in the Bee Green ethos and style – it reflects what we’re trying to achieve at Lovegrove Essentials. New enterprises need to support each other and we can see a synergy between Bee Green and Lovegrove Essentials. We wanted to reach a wider audience, and the magazine covers a wide range of topics. It reflects our wider interests at Lovegrove Essentials, primarily the holistic lifestyle. We’ve been asked to provide copy, articles and samples many times. It’s good to work with an organisation that recognises and appreciates the effort we put in too! The team is extremely helpful - our questions had been anticipated and all the information we needed was instantly available. It is a pleasure!

Hannah Lovegrove - Co-founder, Lovegrove Essentials

“Beeutiful” – Testimonial

I found working with BeeGreen Magazine a very easy smooth process. I have covered all bases with the team, I've written an article, placed an advert & been interviewed by. The process for each was flexible & easy, fitting in round my schedule. Paying for advertising was manageable unlike some other online businesses that have approached. The familial friendly approach at BeeGreen is a welcome change from the standard "this is business" approach of others.

Carly Hooper - Founder, Beeutiful