AVRIL Organic Product Review – Eye Shadow Palette Nude, Eye Liner Noir Certified Organic, Mascara Volume Noir, Nail Polish Bordeaux N°671, Shampoo Greasy Hair with Aloe Vera, Hair Mask with Mango


Eye Shadow Palette Nude


You can never go wrong with a nude eye and with Avril’s Eye Shadow Palette Nude; you have all you need in one product. It comes with six shades of browns, coppers and beiges to create the perfect subtle and natural look. The matte shades create a great base and if you want to build up your look further, the shimmers are really pretty. For the reasonable price point, we were surprised at just how well they stayed on the eye! They applied effortlessly and although not super pigmented, you can easily build up and blend the shadows to last all day on the eye. The palette is a portable slim size enabling you to fit it into a small makeup bag to take it with you when travelling or in day-to-day life.

How to apply:

Begin by filling in your entire lid with a mid-toned shade and go onto applying the darkest brown in your outer crease and blend. This creates a lovely natural detailed effect to carve out your eyes. You can build it up by adding a shimmer to the lid, or for a subtler look, simply add the lightest beige to the inner corner of your eye to enhance them further.

Price: €19

Capacity: 1.5g x 6 eye shadows

Certified organic by Ecocert

Not tested on animals

Vegan product

99.3% of all plant-based ingredients in the formula

11% of all ingredients come from organic farming


Eyeliner Noir certified organic

Eyeliner is a true beauty essential! We tried out Avril’s black organic liner, and here’s our verdict…

This compact little liner fitted perfectly into a very crowded makeup bag, making it a perfect travel product. Like with any new eyeliner, the anticipation for a precise brush or tip is high. This liner boasts a super fine, flexible tip, providing a fluid, effortless, and ultra precise application. The brush is extremely slim line, ideal for a feline flick, and there were no straying brush strands, which is something we find really annoying with certain liners.

We found that Avril’s liner offers a highly pigmented formula, resulting in a dramatic eye look. Because the tip is so thin, we found that we needed to apply a few coats in order to get the desired thickness, but we completely agreed that we’d rather have a thin brush for a defined flick, than one that is too thick, thus difficult to control. The true test for a good quality eyeliner is to see if it still exists on your lids at the end of the day. We were really pleased with how well this liner lasted! It stayed in place all day without smudging or running.

The liquid is super smooth and fluid, creating a long lasting, defined look. There was nothing clumpy or heavy about it, making it really easy to apply and comfortable to wear.

Avril have created everything you could desire in a liner, it’s super slick, easy to apply, long lasting, and certified organic.

How to apply:

Always apply your eyeliner on a bare lid.
Place your elbow on a table to avoid shaking and draw a line of eyeliner as close to the root of your lashes as possible for a more natural result.

Don’t stretch your lid as applying; this would deform your line. For best results keep your eyes open, looking forward, and follow the natural curve of your eyelid.
A final tip before you start: always begin by the exterior of your eyelid; you will be able to correct the trajectory and thickness of your eyeliner line.

Price: €7

Capacity: 3.5ml

Not tested on animals

Ecological and certified organic by EcoCert Greenlife


Mascara volume noir

Create gorgeous volumed lashes with the Mascara Volume Noir. The wand is specifically designed to be thin at the end to get at and not miss the smallest inner corner lashes. The outer part of the wand then creates serious volume with its thicker application. For the price point, we were very impressed with how well it performed lasting all day on the lashes with no fallout. The organic formula also contains an acai berry extract and some organic beeswax, two ingredients that protect and strengthen lashes – what more could you want from a mascara!

How to apply:

Begin by using an eyelash curler – always use it before the application of the mascara otherwise you will damage your lashes! Put a first layer of mascara in a zigzagging way. Let dry then put on the second layer. To remove the mascara from your lashes, soak two cotton pads with water and Avril’s Eye Makeup Remover. Leave for a few moments on your eyelids and remove the mascara by making a movement from up to down (and never from right to left!)

Price: €7

Capacity: 7g

Spiral brush (synthetic hairs)

With organic beeswax

Certified organic by Ecocert

Not tested on animals 

99.8% of all plant-based ingredients in the formula

57.7% of the total ingredients are from organic farming


Nail Polish Bordeaux Nº671


A red nail will always be a timeless classic! We tried out Avril’s natural nail polish in the shade Bordeaux N671; here’s our verdict…

You can’t go wrong with an elegant red nail! Avril’s Bordeaux N671 shade is a gorgeous deep red, something a little different to your average red varnish. Its intense colour offers real glamour and sophistication, with a high shine finish ensuring nails stay polished to perfection! We found that the application was wonderfully smooth, gliding effortlessly over the nail. The polish consistency was really silky, naturally settling on the nail and levelling out any imperfections.

Avril offer a highly pigmented nail varnish, meaning if you were in a rush then one coat would suffice, though we opted for two for the best results and strength. We found that it dried naturally quite quickly and didn’t lose its amazing shine, resulting in a flawless finish. The only thing left to see was how well it lasted on our nails and for how long. We were really pleased with how this nail varnish lasted! It lasted well up to five days, however if you do a lot of washing up or manual hand work then you may find you need to refresh. We’d advise pairing your Avril colour polish with their two in 1 base and topcoat polish, for an even glossier finish and extra protection against chipping.

If sassy red isn’t your preferred colour choice then it’s definitely worth checking out Avril’s other polishes, they really do spoil you for choice with 38 different colour options for every possible occasion.

How to apply:

Prep your nails before! Make sure they’re nice and clean, filed, and your cuticles are pushed down.

Always start by applying the most skilful hand first, that way when painting the second hand, it will be easier and you’ll avoid smudging the first hand.

Apply in thin layers, two to three will give the best strength and colour opacity.

Recommended to finish with a clear topcoat for extra gloss and protection.

Price: €3

Capacity: 7ml

Vegan friendly product

Flat and short brush (synthetic hairs)

Formulated without parabens, phthalates, toluene, xylene, camphor, formaldehyde, resin.


Shampoo Greasy Hair with aloe vera


Finding a shampoo that’s organic, doesn’t cost the earth, and one that works well with your hair type can be quite a challenge. And, if your hair type falls under the greasy hair/scalp category, it’s an even bigger challenge. Greasy hair types require a shampoo that is not too heavy on the scalp, which could weigh the hair down; as well as one that is conditioning enough for the lengths of the hair, so that the ends don’t get dry and brittle.

Those with greasy hair types, usually suffer from an irritated scalp caused due the excess production of sebum. So a shampoo that is clarifying, soothing and toning for the scalp is one to opt-in for.

Enriched with organic nettle and Aloe Vera, AVRIL Organics SHAMPOO GREASY HAIR WITH ALOE VERA is ideal for greasy hair types. This shampoo is clear in colour and lightweight in consistency and gentle on the scalp, leaving your hair feeling squeaky clean with just one wash. We’ve found that we didn’t need to wash our hair twice to get a squeaky clean result. Also, not only do you get squeaky-clean hair after just one wash, but the shampoo also helps regulate sebum production and soothes your scalp, leaving your hair feeling softer and lighter. Another great reason we love this shampoo is because we found that the hair doesn’t get greasy as quickly between washes. This is exactly what you want, because excessive shampooing leads an over-active scalp, which then leads to over-production of sebum, resulting in greasier hair sooner than later. A shampoo definitely worth trying out, especially if you’re looking for one that’s organic and, easy on the wallet.

Price: €7

Capacity: 300ml

For greasy hair

Not tested on animals

Cruelty free

Certified organic by EcoCert

VEGAN product


Hair Mask with Mango

AVRIL-Review-Hair-Mask-Mango-Bee-Green-Lifestyle-Magazine-BlogAVRIL Organic’s Hair Mask with Mango is specifically developed to treat and repair dry, damaged hair. Organic mango, the key ingredient in this hair mask works its magic, leaving your hair feeling soft and nourished. Teamed with organic Aloe Vera, the hair mask adds an extra dose of moisture, giving your hair a lovely, shiny texture. The consistency of this hair mask is like what you’d expect from a typical hair mask; although there are some hair masks that can be quite thick in consistency.

Apply the hair mask to the lengths and ends of your hair and leave on for about 10 minutes before rinsing.

Treat your hair to this mango mask once a week and you’ll find your hair noticeably manageable and in a healthier condition. For those of you who are worried about smelling like a mango, don’t worry – the smell of mango is quite subtle, which we weren’t expecting, a pleasant surprise!

Although this mango hair mask is specifically for dry or damaged hair, we would still recommend it if you’re looking for a conditioning treatment or have colour-treated hair. It’s a great mask for a moisture boost.


Capacity: 150ml

For dry and damaged hair

Vegan product

Not tested on animals

With organic mango, organic Aloe Vera and organic shea butter

Certified organic by EcoCert

99 % of the total ingredients are from natural origin

21 % of the total ingredients are from organic farming


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