Contributor: Victoria Mugo


Roll out the mats in the park, it’s summer time. The best picnic bites are those that are easiest to fix, yet healthy and scrumptious.

  • Sandwiches

It is almost impossible to think about a picnic without some sandwiches. Having whole wheat bread as a base will make it more filling due to the fibre in it. There are endless possibilities for what you can stuff into sandwiches from lean meats/fish to avocados, low fat cheese, eggs and a variety of vegetables. For the gluten sensitive, sweet potatoes and corn will be a good alternative.

  • Fruits

These will provide healthy sugar sources over candy treats. Arrange fruit chunks on skewers for a less messy experience and more presentable option.

  • Salads and dips

Combine your favourite vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, broccoli and lettuce in a bowl, throw in some quinoa and/or cheese chunks instead of mayonnaise and you have a winner. Vegetables such as carrots and cucumber can be sliced into thin long strips and steeped in vinegar (and stevia) for finger foods. Hummus and guacamole make for delectable wholesome dips and spreads for your vegetables.

  • Refreshments

Skip the fizzy sugar laden drinks and blend some fresh juice or smoothies. You can use as many kinds of fruits as possible and any milk as your base. *Pro tip – add some ginger in your juices or smoothies for that extra zing. Incorporating some lemons and mint leaves will help you stay cool in the summer heat.

Substitute the processed store-bought crisps, biscuits and sweets with colorful vegetables and fruits for more gut-happy picnic moments!


Bio: Victoria is a trained biotechnologist still trying to find her way through science. She recently discovered that she prefers to write about what happens in the science world rather than being clad in a lab coat. You can find her musings on

Her free time is spent performing and teaching violin and oboe. In another life, she would be a fitness and nutrition consultant, there just aren’t that many hours in her day yet.



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