Contributor: Emma Turner


Here’s a Super Easy Hemp Body Butter Recipe –
Perfect for those cold days as winter draws in

The Natural ingredients provide excellent moisturising properties along with a natural barrier from the use of the beeswax.


Ingredients: (makes approximately 42.5g)

  • Coldpressed Hemp Seed Oil: 15ml
  • Shea Butter: 15g
  • Natural Beeswax: 7.5g
  • Cocoa Butter: 5g


Gently heat the Cocoa butter is a bain-maris (double boiler) until it begins to melt and then add the natural beeswax. These two solids will take the longest to melt down.

Once these have almost completely melted then add the shea butter and finally the hemp seed oil. Ensure that the heat remains low as we don’t want to overheat any of the ingredients.

When all 4 of the ingredients are completely melted, remove from the heat and pour into your container of choice. A small glass or aluminium jar would work perfectly however you can use anything to hand, just make sure its nice and clean first.

Place the container into the fridge for around 30 minutes to cool all of the ingredients back down or alternatively leave out to cool naturally.

If you want to get more creative, feel free to add your favourite essential oils just before you pour the mixture into the containers.

When the butter has cooled back down you can use it immediately.

The final texture should resemble a butter/balm and should melt on contact with your skin.


Bio: Emma Turner, 29, Founder of The Hemp Garden Skincare & Wellbeing, is a married mother of one and a qualified Occupational Therapist Specialised in Mental Health. Emma’s love for Hemp and passion for skincare and health were the key factors in her setting up The Hemp Garden with her husband. Facebook | Instagram


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