In her interview with us, Lorraine Dallmeier – Director of Formula Botanica lets us in on how she got into the organic industry, the importance of green products and their plans for Organic September.


Here’s 5 minutes with Lorraine. . . 


How did you get into the organic industry?

During my maternity leave, I started to get really interested in natural skincare, particularly plants. So, the first thing I did was launch my app – Beauty Craft. I then wanted to start my own skincare company, but didn’t have knowledge of formulating. So I found Star Khechara and Formula Botanica, and ended up taking a course.


How did the app come about?

I was just at home with my son playing on my phone, and I thought, wouldn’t it be great to create an app, which gives you DIY beauty tips! It was a good way of opening so many doors.


What made you turn to organic?

My background is in environmental sciences, so it’s always been something I’ve been interested in.

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How can people switch to organic?

It’s becoming so easily available in shops and online. But also supporting small, artisan beauty and businesses is important too.


Any plans for Organic September?

We’re working with a few brands this year. But, we’re also launching a competition next week, with Soil Association, to give away exciting prizes and a massive scholarship to study with Formula Botanica. Keep an eye on ourTwitter page for more.


Any advice for anyone wanting to start an organic skincare company?

Think about the market. Don’t make products for yourself. Find a niche in the market and get people to test your product and be brutally honest with you.


Thank you to Lorraine for taking time out to speak to us. To listen to the full interview, click below.



For all those who are interested in starting their own skincare business and would like to gain access to a world of possibilities, head over to Formula Botanica’s competition page to WIN an exclusive skincare entrepreneurship scholarship, in celebration of Organic Beauty Week and Organic September 2016.




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