We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Tanya Hawkes, Bee keeper, Founder and Director of Therapi Honey Skincare, who tells us all about her two loves: bees and Therapi Honey Skincare.


Here’s 5 minutes with Tanya…

What started your first interest in bees?

I’d always been into nature but I accidentally met a beekeeper in South Chile and was enthralled by this woman. Just hearing all about how she used beeswax and honey, I knew it was something I wanted to do.

What’s the story behind Therapi Honey Skincare?

Well, I’ve always had sensitive skin so I have always been looking for natural products. And I always turned to honey! The amazing thing about it is, it has so many benefits, that people aren’t always aware of. So it seemed natural to use it in my own range.


Why certify organic with the Soil Association?

It’s all about pesticides – I noticed that the farmers, where our bees were kept, were using harmful pesticides, which wasn’t something we wanted them to be around. I moved my bees to an organic farm and that started the organic journey and getting certified with the Soil Association.

Any recommendations for Autumn/Winter skincare must-have’s?

Propolis+ Ultra Radiance Cream – it’s a super-rich, luxurious cream, full antioxidant propolis.

Why bees?

At the core of our company is a passion for bees. We know the problems that bees are facing. We support bee charities and doing this in someway can help to get this message across. Bees are incredible. I almost think they’re the unsung heroes of the skincare industry.

Thank you to Tanya for speaking to us. To listen to her full interview, click below.



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