It won’t be long till we’ve got the dusters out and are spring cleaning every inch of the house. There are so many products out there for us to use. But have you ever tried using any natural cleaning products?

We have items in our cupboard and fridge that make cleaning easier and chemical free. So try using these:



White Vinegar is the most commonly known natural cleaning product. Acidity in white vinegar is great for removing dirt, stains and grub. It’s often mixed with water to dilute the pungent fragrance. Vinegar is commonly used as a window cleaner and surface disinfectant.


Baking Soda

Another very common natural cleaning product is baking soda. It’s mild abrasive and natural deodorising qualities make it a popular chemical free alternative. Baking soda is particularly useful for removing stains and deep-rooted dirt. Baking soda is also often paired with vinegar to create a more powerful natural cleaning product mix. Using it to clean your oven or drains will get them sparkling clean.


Olive Oil

Use olive oil as an alternative to furniture sprays when you’re doing the dusting. It makes an ideal natural cleaning product for wood furniture as it combats and removes stains and marks. Rubbing the olive oil in direction of the grain and then buffing it off, is the ideal technique to use.



Lemons are ideal for removing stains as well as de-odorising unwelcome scents. Adding lemon to your naturally made floor cleaner will help fight against tough stains whilst leaving a fresh scent. They’re also used as natural cleaning products because they contain mild, disinfectant properties – cleaning your microwave, polishing your copper pots and bric-a-brac, cleaning your surfaces… the list can go on and on.



Similar to baking soda, salt is great for combatting tough grime and dirt. Combining salt with ingredients like vinegar makes it a more powerful natural cleaner. It’s a great chemical free alternative to use to clean your refrigerators. Salt can even help tackle alcohol stains, in particular a strong red substance like red wine spills.


As we become more health conscious, many of us are looking for methods to cut down on the chemicals. So, using these items that you’ll probably find in your kitchen is a great place to start.


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