Produced after extensive research and experimentation, Olverum Bath Oil has been around since the 1930s. This bath oil contains extracts from 10 aromatic plants selected for their individual therapeutic properties as well as their ability to effectively work in harmony with each other.


Olverum Bath Oil is a highly concentrated and unique blend of 10 essential oils:

· Eucalyptus
· Lavender
· Juniper
· Lavandin
· Lemon Peel
· Siberian Fir Needle
· Exotic Verbena
· Lime
· Geranium
· Rosemary


· Deep Relaxation and Stress Relief

· Soothes Aches and Pains

· Beautifully Soft Skin




This has to be the most effective bath oil when it comes to relieving stress and aching muscles. The scents of eucalyptus, geranium and rosemary come through quite strong, but with a positive effect. This bath oil is sure to make you feel calm and relaxed – with the scents arising from the steam itself – making this the perfect bath oil to indulge in before bedtime. The non-greasy effect of the oil is an added bonus, leaving your skin feeling smooth, pampered and nourished.


We highly recommend Olverum’s Bath Oil, especially if you suffer from sore, aching muscles or have trouble sleeping. The price may seem steep for some, but with this bath oil, a little goes a long way… all you need is a capful and let the oil work it’s magic!


Olverum Bath Oil retails for £26 (125ml – enough fro 25 baths) | £48 (250ml – enough for 50 baths) and can be purchased online at Olverum.com



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