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To me, September means time for renewal. Sadly, I find letting go of the summer haze and embracing the autumn crisp is tougher for us mortals than it is for Mother Nature. I don’t know about you but autumn and winter bring a spell of fatigue and some kind of energy drain. I’ve decided it’s to do with the lack of sunshine! However, over the past few years I’ve taught myself some tricks to combat this by stocking my body with nutrition that essentially feeds the mind.

I’ve learnt it is far better to eat organic foods and reap the benefits of wellbeing than to buy cheap produce and feel ill during the winter months. And I know it’s hard to spend money, especially now, and in London, but I always sacrifice something else (mainly clothes) to eat clean. Everything I mention below you can make using organic fruit and veg.


  1. Eat the [season’s] colours: If we can’t find it outside, let’s find it on our plates.

If Shakespeare could witness the colour of roasted figs, I’m sure a sonnet would be on the cards. Their vibrancy is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the stomach. September still brings flashes of heat so no reason we cannot still grill our food. Think honey-glazed vegetables topped with organic Greek or almond yogurt.

Spice up your autumn with food-filled infusions of turmeric, cumin and chilli, which all help protect your immune system.

Everyone craves sweets at some point during the day; especially in the cold months and it can be good for you because it’ll give you energy. Bake treats using chia, oats, dried fruits, almond flour and coconut oil and they’ll provide you with the correct amount of energy – substitute sugar with organic honey or dark agave.

I don’t think we need a recipe for strawberries, because they are too darn good on their own. Organic strawberries are better than chocolate. No honestly. I kid you not.


  1. Prepare soups made with hearty root vegetables:

Turnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips, , onions, garlic, turmeric Jerusalem artichokes, radishes, and ginger all come from the root vegetable family, and as root vegetables grow underground, they absorb a great amount of nutrients from the soil.

These nutrients include: potassium, sulphur and magnesium; which is super important to healthy bone and nerve function and most people don’t get enough of it.


  1. Take vitamin D supplements:

I can’t stress the importance of this point, simply because I know first-hand the effects of low vitamin D. If you live in the UK, or anywhere where you can’t get sunshine between the months of October to April, then taking a raw form of vitamin D will help keep your mood levels up and protect your body from unwanted diseases such as heart disease and auto-immune irregularities, which at times is difficult to reverse.

Be sure to always take vitamin d3 supplements as d2 is synthetic and causes more harm than good. If you are uncertain about taking supplements, you may want to have blood work done to confirm but usually if you’re not getting enough sun, you could possibly be low in this vitamin.


  1. Up your healthy fat intake by 10%:

We’ve come a long way since we were told that nuts and seeds are not good for us, mostly because they contain high fat levels. But, we need good fats to build muscle and cells around our heart. It’s incredibly important to lower bad fat intake and increase good fat intake.

Good fats include avocado, all nuts and all seeds. You can use a good extra virgin olive oil but use it sparingly and stock up on non-oil based good fats in replacement. I love a good avocado salad or avocado on toast with lemon and pepper.

Coconut oil is also great but again eating raw coconut goes a long way than oil.

Tip: let almonds soak in water for 7 hours and peel them before eating, as our stomachs can digest them better this way.


  1. Drink more water:

Do you find it’s easy to drink water in the summer months than it is in winter? I’m always parched during summer and when those darker mornings and evening come around, there’s no better feeling than having a mug of tea in hand. One of the things I’m most conscious about this year is being hydrated. It’s a major skin savour and it boosts your energy – water is Hollywood’s best kept secret, during night shoots everyone stocks up on water rather than caffeine!

I like to drink filtered water at home and I usually carry a glass bottle around rather than plastic to avoid it playing with my hormones.


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Bio: Preeti is a clean eating and wellbeing enthusiast. She lives and works in London, and is currently trying to improve and record ways to maintain a healthy work/life balance.



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