Frenchclay and Lemongrass Detoxifying Body Scrub


The Frenchclay & Lemongrass Detoxifying Body Scrub is perfect for a “pick-me-up” pamper, for those days when you simply want to treat your skin to a spa-like treatment from the comfort of your own home. Made using the finest salt sourced from the Dead Sea, this scrub is perfect for exfoliating and reviving tired, dull skin, leaving your body velvety soft and revitalised.

French clay is known for its natural detoxifying properties, as well as cleansing your skin and leaving you feeling silky smooth.

This scrub has the most gorgeous fresh aroma of zesty lime and lemongrass, which uplifts your senses and leaves you feeling truly revived.

Oils of lavender and ylang ylang help to heal, balance, and nourish skin, whilst creating an aura of peace; helping you to unwind and recharge.

How to use:

Wash your skin with soap or body wash and rinse it well. Stir the product in the tub before use. Take some exfoliant with your fingertips and massage into the skin using circular and sweeping motions. Apply directly to the skin avoiding the face. Finally, rinse off well with clean warm water until the exfoliant is removed.

Tosé Apothecary’s Frenchclay and Lemongrass Detoxifying Body scrub is available in two generous sizes, medium and large.

Medium: Size: 200g | Price: £15

Large: Size: 450g | Price: £25


Ylang Ylang and Macadamia Body Oil


Regenerate yourself by treating your skin to this deeply nourishing Ylang Ylang & Macadamia Body Oil. This aromatic scented oil will transform your bathroom into a spa as its healing properties work their magic on your dull-looking skin. The non-greasy consistency spread nicely onto our skin and absorbed quicker than expected to leave it feeling nourished without any annoyance of stickiness.

This body oil is perfect for rough, dry skin as its anti-inflammatory properties soothed and heeled those pesky areas thanks to the natural oils of hempseed, hazelnut and coconut.

Macadamia nut oil is enriched with palmitoleic acid, which is the main building block of skin and supports the cellular membrane making it highly moisturising.

The effectiveness of the oil is enhanced with the blend of essential oils of lavender and ylang ylang to restore your inner balance and tranquillity while uplifting your spirit each day – and this it definitely did! Our skin felt smoother and enriched thanks to all of these botanical nutrients while its blissful scent made us feel refreshed.

Its easy application of a spray nozzle was also perfect as it allowed us to directly target areas that were in need of a lift, without getting the oil all over the place!   

How to use:

Massage into the skin as a daily moisturiser to perfume and soften your skin throughout the day. Or alternatively, apply just before you go to bed to wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Tip: If you apply after bathing while your skin is still hydrated, this will lock in moisture even further.

Size: 100ml | Price: £22


Wild Rose, Frankincense and Myrrh Facial Serum


Wake up to velvety smooth and supple skin with the Wild Rose, Frankincense and Myrrh Facial Serum, which is also TOSé Apothecary’s ‘Signature Therapy’. This facial serum makes for an ideal therapeutic treatment for ageing skin to help revitalise, balance and restore your skin’s natural properties.

Enriched with a concoction of cold-pressed plant oils and essential oils of rosehip, jojoba, hazelnut, lavender, geranium, rosemary, frankincense & myrrh & added Vitamin E, this unique handcrafted blend will not only provide your skin with the vital nutrients required to heal the deeper layers of your skin, but also keep your skin feeling well-nourished and supple.

This pleasantly-scented serum is the perfect addition to your night time skincare regime, with Rosehip essential oil to help nourish and repair the skin, while Frankincense essential oil helps to tone the skin and minimise pores.

If you’re looking for a serum with anti-ageing, healing and nourishing properties, then look no further. And if you’re also looking for some added aromatherapy benefits, then this serum, which is infused with Frankincense essential oil is just what you need to de-stress after a long and tiring day. We’re a huge fan of Frankincense here at Bee Green, due to its amazing properties as it’s not just great for treating wrinkles and reducing scar tissue, but it also well-known for its astringent, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties; and we absolutely love this serum.

How to use:

Apply 2-3 drops of the serum and massage onto freshly cleansed skin, at night. Gently massage the serum onto your skin in an upward, circular motion.

Size: 30ml | Price: £28


Organic Rosehip Oil


Rosehip Oil – an oil with many benefits, is widely used in organic skincare as it’s beneficial for promoting tissue repair, it’s rejuvenating and helps enhance the natural properties of the skin, giving your skin a radiant and healthy glow. Tosé Apothecary recommends the use of their organic rosehip oil if you’re looking to either diminish fine lines and wrinkles, soften and smooth your skin, or renew and restore your skins health.

Rosehip oil has a high content of essential fatty acids (EFA), which is beneficial for promoting cellular renewal.Rosehip oil is also rich in Vitamin A, which helps promote collagen formation, aids in increasing your skin’s elastin content, as well as helps delay age-related breakdown of your skin.

This nourishing face oil is easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated throughout the day. It’s a great moisturising oil even for those with oily, combination and/or acne-prone skin. The spray nozzle makes it easy to control the amount of oil that you would need, making it ideal to use just as much as you need and reduce wastage.

How to use:

All you need is 2-3 pumps of the oil to massage it onto cleansed and toned face and neck and it’s great for both day and night. You can even use this oil on your body, especially on dry or rough areas to help keep them hydrated and moisturised.

Size: 30ml | Price: £15


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