Bees are a fascinating species that contribute more to our world and environment, than you may realise. Despite this, they are a species on the decline. However, at Bee Green, we love them; they not only produce honey but also do much, much more. So here are some reasons to love bees, other than for their honey.


Bees feed us

Bees and other insects pollinate around 84% of our crops and therefore a large amount of what we eat. They pollinate everything from apple crops to blueberry and eggplant crops.

Bees even pollinate cocoa beans, which we use to make chocolate. So without them we wouldn’t have chocolate. Instead, we’d be limited to consuming plants and grains like wheat and corn.


Bees provide us with energy

Aside from their honey being used in drinks, bees also pollinate coffee and tea crops. When you’re having your early morning meeting with your cup of coffee, you’ve got bees to thank for keeping you awake.


Bees can clothe us

Another one of the many reasons to love bees is because they pollinate cotton and other natural fibres, which we use to make clothes. Treating bees in an ethical manner will in turn help produce organic cotton – an added bonus.

Bees protect our health

In addition to honey, bees produce a resinous material called Bee Propolis. They mix honey with resin from trees and other plants to produce this propolis, which has many health benefits. Discouraging your body from infections, treating minor burns and supporting the immune system are a few of the benefits.

Being able to tackle the symptoms of a cold, studies have shown that Bee Propolis is also a great natural antibiotic.


Bees make our gardens pretty

One of the obvious reasons to love bees is because they pollinate flowers in our garden, making it look more attractive and appealing. It is less commonly known that they also pollinate fruits trees and many nut trees like chestnuts.


Bees give us great skin

Many natural beauty and skincare companies use honey and other bee ingredients like beeswax in their formulas. Honey is a natural antibacterial, great for calming acne and cleansing your skin making it a popular ingredient. It also makes a great addition to any face mask.


Bees make a great hobby

Beekeeping is fast becoming a popular hobby amongst bee enthusiasts. Having your own bee hive will help to save the declining population of bees as well as provide you with benefits yourself. You get honey from your bees, help with the growth and pollination of your own garden and can use their bee pollen and propolis as natural health remedies.


Finally. . . bees can dance!

Honeybees are pretty special. They use dance as a form of communication. Communicating symbolically through dance to express the location of their food to fellow honeybees.


These are just some of the reasons to love bees other than for their honey. They’re very useful little creatures to our environment and planet. It’s important that we do as much as we can to protect them, whether it’s becoming a beekeeper or just supporting a bee charity.


And don’t forget . . . #savethebees!



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