Yes, the busy, exciting festive season is in full swing! Our calendars are now filled with glitzy events, panic sale shopping, wrapping up with work, spending time with family and friends and really just enjoying the whole Christmas and New Year spirit. However, during this busy time, it’s ever so easy for us to forget about keeping hydrated in order for our health to be at its very best. Avoid turning down invites due to migraines, or feeling tired and dizzy at work by following these steps to look after your health throughout the festive season.


Limit alcohol consumption

‘Tis the season for lots of partying and celebrating – and lots of tempting alcohol! Of course you should be enjoying yourself, but make sure to monitor your alcohol intake. Limit your alcohol consumption by drinking water in between drinks to remain as hydrated as possible throughout the night. We often drink more alcohol than necessary when we’re at an event because we feel thirsty, but by alternating it with water, you won’t feel the need. Another great tip to limit alcohol consumption is to make sure to eat a good meal to line your stomach before you head out. It reduces your need to reach for drinks in attempt to fill yourself up. Your liver and head will definitely be thanking you the morning after your office Christmas party!


Avoid the hangover

If you didn’t quite catch the memo about alternating water with each alcoholic drink, make sure to drink a pint of water before you go to sleep to help reduce your hangover in the morning. Although not totally foolproof, it will begin to ease any potential morning headaches. Just don’t forget to then drink enough water throughout the day to continue to rehydrate.


Drink the RDA of water

It’s the obvious one, but the most vital. Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking at least the recommended daily amount of 4-6 glasses of water. Know that you’ll be out and about for the day? Carry a bottle of water in your bag and make sure to refill when possible. There are no excuses.


Switch it up

Feel yourself forcing to down water while you wish it were something more exciting? Be creative with the water you drink. Add some lemon, cucumber, or fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, cut up orange or mango etc. to add some flavour. Not only will it please your taste buds, it’s brilliant for your skin! And who doesn’t want great skin for the party season?


Don’t confuse hunger with thirst

It’s often very easy to confuse the feelings of thirst and hunger, especially around the festive season. We’re surrounded by piles of food at Christmas and leftovers throughout the New Year. We often indulge in lots of salty and sugary snacks, which do naturally increase our cravings. So, instead of reaching for more food, have a glass of water to make sure your mind isn’t playing tricks on you. Drinking water will also help you digest all the food in your stomach easier, so there’ll be no indigestion when the puddings come out!


Don’t punish yourself for indulging this Christmas; just be sure to balance it out with plenty of good, nutritious food, exercise and enough water to keep your energy levels and body intact.


Have a Merry Christmas everyone – and a Happy (and healthy) New Year!



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