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Spending your vacation in some amazing seaside location can have a multitude of benefits for our general wellbeing and it can also be a good boost for your natural beauty routine. One of the many virtues of spending time at the beach is the natural absorption of salt. This natural element is crucial for a healthy lifestyle and, at the same time, could be a clever ingredient to add to your daily skincare and body care routine.

In this article, we talk about how to prolong the benefits of the effects of your summer vacation by adding one simple ingredient to your beauty regime: ‘Sea Salt’.

There are various types of salt available on the market (Himalayan, Celtic, Fleur de Sel, Hawaiian…just to name a few) but for the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on the so-called “the Gem of the Sea”, along with some tips and quick DIYs to make it easier to include Sea Salt in your beauty regime.


The benefits of Sea Salt for Hair

Every girl raves about those effortless, bouncy beach waves hairstyle that makes you look like you have just landed from a tropical paradise. Well, it’s good to know that it’s easy to replicate this effect at home by adding 1-2 tsp of Sea Salt in a spray bottle full of water and spray liberally on the hair. Sea Salt is an amazing all-natural hair volumiser. Styling your hair with a couple of spritzes of this concoction will boost the texture of your hair and enhance natural curls.

If you need a hair clarifying treatment that will help you to get rid of products build-ups Sea Salt may be the answer. While you are taking your shower and shampooing your hair just massage your scalp with a tbsp of salt. Salt will act like a gentle scalp scrub removing all the residues that coat your roots making your hair look dull and weighed down. This hair detox treatment might just be the key to getting rid of dandruff and greasy hair for good, thus restoring shine and volume.


The benefits of Sea Salt for Skin Care

Sea Salt has amazing healing benefits plus it is rich in minerals, so it turns out to be an excellent ingredient to incorporate into your skincare routine, especially for oily acne-prone skin. In fact, Sea Salt – thanks to its antibacterial proprieties – is an incredibly powerful natural acne medication that works by deeply cleansing the pores and killing bacteria. Splashing your face with some salt water can be a helpful trick to maintain a clear fresh complexion, without splurging on expensive and harmful chemical-based anti-acne preparations.


The Benefits of Sea Salt for Body Care

Sea Salt scrubs are the most easy-peasy way to add salt to your body care routine. The reason for this is the small particles of salt work amazingly in rubbing off the dead skin cells without being harsh and painful. Instead of indulging in commercial exfoliators, it’s easy to make your own by mixing some Sea Salt (both coarse and fine) with some vegetable organic oil. If you like to add some scent, why not add a few drops of your favourite essential oils for a relaxing aromatherapy Home Spa treatment.


Bio: Hi, my name is Giulia, I’m a thirty-something Italian dweller, graduated in History of Arts and working in the art field. I have a huge passion for green beauty and lifestyle. In 2012, I changed my way of consuming beauty products opting for green, organic and homemade stuff, and ever since my skin and hair couldn’t be any happier or healthier. In 2016, I started my blog,, where I ramble about how to add a “green” touch to life with lots of hacks and DIY. You can also find my articles on



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