With the new year brings new changes and we can’t wait to reveal the new changes we are planning at Bee Green.

You may remember, way back in September, we asked you to fill in our annual survey. The answers we received were very insightful and have helped guide us to make a few changes here at Bee Green. You can find the results of the survey and more about these changes below.

How did you find out about Bee Green?

Twitter is the main way for readers to find out about Bee Green, but we were surprised to find that a personal email or message via social media is the second, followed by search, Instagram and word of mouth.

How would you rate the content on Bee Green? (1 = Low; 10 = High)

We were happy to find that over 75% of readers rated Bee Green’s content between 8-10. If you gave us a lower score we would love know why so we will be in touch shortly.

What topics would you like us to cover more of?

Beauty and skincare came out on top, followed by health and wellbeing, with food & recipes, and zero waste and plastic-free tying at third place.

Which of the following resources would you be interested in?

eBooks and guides were the clear winner with printables and planners coming second and lifestyle challenges a close third. We will soon be opening a dedicated resources area on the website so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

How would you prefer to receive and view our content?

Email newsletters were the top choice, with 45% of the vote, followed by Instagram (including stories and IGTV), and articles on the website and blog. Our aim for this year is to upload more stories and go live more often to allow you to see more of what goes on behind the scenes.

How often would you like to receive our newsletter?

50% of respondents went with monthly, so we have taken this into consideration and decided to scale back our weekly newsletter to become a monthly newsletter. With inboxes saturated with emails and less time available in our busy lives, we hope to give you the important news and tips on a monthly basis, during the third week of every month.

If we had to charge a small fee for exclusive content, how much would you pay per month?

Though we have no plans at this moment to charge readers for exclusive content, 59% of respondents did say they would consider paying between £10-15, which is something we may consider in the future.

Would you consider donating towards an article or piece of content that you find informative or useful?

73% of readers said they would consider donating towards an article, which is definitely something we would like to implement in the near future, not only to see which articles are being well received, but also to help with the running costs of the website, to make it the best we can for our readers.

Would you buy products sold on Bee Green?

We were very surprised that such a high number of you came back to say that you WOULD buy products sold on Bee Green. This is something we would like to do in 2019 so if any brands are interested in collaborating then please get in touch.

We can’t wait to roll out these changes, and we hope to make Bee Green an even better resource, to help you live a more sustainable life. The link to the survey is still live, so if you haven’t already please take the survey using the button below, and we will continue to monitor the results and make changes for the better.

We look forward to connecting with you in the year ahead.

Juliana & the Bee Green Team

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