2018 has been an amazing year for ethical brands, and sustainability in general, with a rise in conscious shoppers creating a demand for more ethical products than ever before. As we are coming to the end of 2018, we have been reflecting on the ethical brands we have discovered over the year.

According to research by Retail Week, 44.5% of UK consumers are more concerned about the impact we are having on the global environment than this time last year and 29% have started shopping with retailers with more ethical or sustainable practices as a result.

With this demand for ethical consumerism, there has been a huge rise in ethical brands starting up and providing consumers with what they want, with everything from ethical fashion to vegan beauty and even eco holidays.

We started the Bee Green Ethical Directory as a way for people to discover ethical brands they may not have heard of before. As a result we have discovered lots of amazing new brands, along with rediscovering some of our old favourites. 

This year we thought we would try something new, and round up our favourites from the last year into our Top 3 of 2018, sharing not only amazing brands but also our favourite eco blogs and Instagram accounts to follow.

The buzzing bees at Bee Green Lifestyle Magazine have landed on a winner in each of the categories below, and are excited to announce the Top 3 winners in each:

  1. Eco-Sustainable Blogs
  2. Food Blogs
  3. Fashion Blogs
  4. Beauty & Lifestyle Blogs
  5. Home & Lifestyle Blogs
  6. Instagram Accounts
  7. Eco Online Retailers
  8. Ethical Suppliers

The criteria used to judge the shortlisted brands were:

  • Brand/Company ethos and eco credentials
  • Type and quality of content
  • Website design, layout, functionality and overall User Experience (UX)
  • Quality of Instagram feed content, aesthetics, imagery and creativity (for the ‘Instagram Accounts’ category)

Not only are they passionate about the world and making a difference, they are also useful resources to help you live a greener lifestyle, so pour yourself a cup of tea, snuggle up and discover our Top 3 in 2018.

Top 3 Eco-Sustainable Blogs 2018



Moral Fibres

Packed full of helpful hints and tips to lead you towards a sustainable life, Moral Fibres has something for everyone to enjoy. Wendy posts about plastic free beauty products, alternative products in the home, sustainable clothing, and there’s even something for the little ones too! Check out Moral Fibres for everything sustainable-related!



Trash is for Tossers

This easy to navigate website provides easy-to-implement changes to help in the quest of a zero waste lifestyle, whilst documenting Lauren’s own zero waste path. Including changes in the office, home, and outside, Trash is for Tossers offers easy solutions leading to a better environment for all.



Eco Warrior Princess

Eco Warrior Princess is a combination of passionate and useful sustainability tips, with the added bonus of business news. Dedicated writers, and industry experts formulate a balance of news and lifestyle content to bring you all things sustainable. Guides, podcasts and resources are available for everyone, as the founder Jennifer aims to be part of the solution and not the problem.

Top 3 Food Blogs 2018



The Veg Space

A beautifully presented website, with equally beautiful photos to get your mouth watering; The Veg Space provides recipes for both vegetarians and vegans. The founder Kate supplies a selection of sides,starters, soups, mains, lunches, vegan baking, vegan Christmas, and alternatives for a vegan barbeque.



Oh She Glows

This food site hosts many alternatives for anyone who is meat-free and dairy-free, with plenty of options that are also gluten-free and soy-free. Angela doesn’t just stop at recipes; she documents her life’s journeys, ranging from travel to her personal story of overcoming an eating disorder. OhShe Glows is full of inspiration!



The Flexitarian

Mainly plant-based, The Flexitarian appeals to a ‘flexible’ audience, throwing occasional meat options into the mix. The site explores the environmental issues linked to meat consumption, and is a popular site for people who have not yet committed to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle just yet, or are unable to give up meat for specific reasons.

Top 3 Fashion Blogs 2018



Good On You

Good On You made it to the top place because of their awesome app. From their handy app you can search for over 2000 brands and designers to find out how ethical they really are. They also have exclusive offers for brands that are rated ‘Good’ or ‘Great’ along with the chance to encourage less ethical stores to make a change.



Sustainability In Style

Sustainability In Style is a useful resource for those of you who love fashion but also care deeply about being a conscious consumer. With helpful tips and an ethical community for support, you will have all you need to make sure you are sustainable without compromising on style.



The Minimalist Wardrobe

The Minimalist Wardrobe gives helpful tips to help curate your wardrobe, meaning more slow fashion and less fast fashion. This blog also talks about other areas of your life, from home to gifts, helping you to reduce throwaway culture and focus more on becoming an ethical shopper.

Top 3 Beauty & Lifestyle Blogs 2018



Bloom + Clementine

Not only does Bloom + Clementine provide honest reviews of green beauty products that have been personally tested, the founder Kari also shares healthy food recipes, household cleaning hacks and fashion-related information. Bloom + Clementine provides a wealth of useful information for any green fan but Kari is responsive to her audience too.



Girl Gone Green

The inspirational Girl Gone Green is all about encouraging a zero waste and sustainable lifestyle. Manuela lives a minimal life and is active in her approach to picking up plastic, even if this means stopping mid-photo-shoot to chase after a plastic bag. Find everything sustainable-related in one place with Girl Gone Green.



Organic Makeup Artist

An experienced make-up artist with the know-how! Going green in the film industry is difficult, however Laura makes strides towards creating a professional green beauty kit, and has transformed her personal beauty regime into a more natural and organic selection. Organic Makeup Artist shares her green product knowledge and connects well with her audience.

Top 3 Home & Lifestyle Blogs 2018



The Good Trade

The Good Trade is a digital media and lifestyle brand covering all areas of living a sustainable lifestyle. They prove that you don’t have to be a hippie to be sustainable and we love the clean look and easy layout of their website.



Apartment Number 4

Apartment Number 4 is an award-winning blog, by Victoria Jackson, focusing on creating a stylish home, with easy DIY’s and affordable home décor. We love her clean aesthetic and that her home décor suggestions are affordable and not overpriced.



Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy launched in 2001 and quickly became the leading source for design inspiration, with everything from home tours to cleaning advice and organisation, its full of tips and advice to creating your best home. However, the website does have a lot going on so can sometimes be a little difficult to read.

Top 3 Instagram Accounts 2018




With 200k+ followers, Nisha has built a treasure trove of vegan and vegetarian recipes, accompanied with visually stunning images to get you in the mood to cook. Alternatively, if you’re taking a break from social media, find out more from Rainbowplantlife, and visit their blog.




Full of inspirational messages, Mindbodygreen not only focuses on promoting a healthier lifestyle, but focuses on your inner wellbeing too. Find inspirational quotes to lift your mood, whilst perusing the account for delectable healthy lunch, meal and dessert recipes.




Looking for the very definition of captivating? It would appear that every image on Skin_watercolours is destined for the limelight. Voting was not settled based on imagery alone, the account promotes a healthier and greener lifestyle, alongside product reviews and handy DIY options to follow.

Top 3 Eco Online Retailers 2018



One Little Company

We love One Little Company’s ethical stance and their wide range of products on offer. Their website stands out with its different but easy to navigate layout along with the versatility of products on offer. We are especially enamoured with the fact that they are a family run business and support two charities.




Acala is a one stop shop for DIY and Zero Waste beauty enthusiasts. Their website is clean, easy to navigate and has a wide range of own brand and green beauty brands on offer.



Atlas & Ortus

Atlas & Ortus is a small online business founded by two sisters, Evie and Francesca, who have created their own range of eco products ranging from toothbrushes to reusable coffee cups and soaps. They have a small range of products available but are continually updating as they grow.

Top 3 Ethical Suppliers 2018



Good Energy

Good Energy are our top pick for ethical suppliers with 100% carbon neutral green gas, with 6% coming from bio methane. Not only are they passionate about the environment, they also care about their workers, paying them the living wage, so this is one ethical company we want to celebrate.



Green Pioneer

Green Pioneer is a distributor of ethical products to the retail industry. They supply a wide range of products to retailers around the world, working with a variety of green brands, and their website is easy to navigate with a clean aesthetic. If you are a retailer, online or offline, Green Pioneer are definitely worth looking into when you are trying to source products.



Evergreen Insurance Services

Evergreen Insurance Services are an insurance company with charity at the heart of their business. They support over 15 animal charities by giving back up to 25% commission, alongside providing affordable insurance.